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Fighting Widespread Poverty in Liberia

The Ebola outbreak in Liberia has caused families to suffer from hunger and poverty. Moreover, the deadly disease has created a detrimental impact on the country’s economy.

Although we recognize the struggles that people in Liberia have gone through, we know that there is still hope. We can still make a difference to their lives, especially those of young Liberian children who need to feel being loved and cared for.

Transforming Lives of Liberian Families

At Seledorwon USA, Inc., we create life-changing programs that resolve major concerns of Liberian families, particularly shelter, Agriculture, water and sanitation. We build low cost-effective housing, increase food production, and help prevent new cases of Ebola

If you’re as passionate as we are in helping Liberian residents, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We accept monetary donations.